Meeting at Lascar Memorial 04 Nov 2012

Mr. James Keir (Jimmy), son of Mr. W.I. Keir, now 75 years old had left India in 1962 and now stays in Hongkong. On his regular visit to Kolkata was sad to see the unkempt monument , his lament was palpable and later when it was back to its pristine glory Jimmy enquired about it. He was informed that Commodore Bibhu Mohanti who was the main force behind the repair of the memorial during his tenure (April 1993 May 1997) as Naval Officer-In-Charge, he also learnt that he had retired from service on 31st May 1997 and moved to Cuttack (Orissa). However with the present day instant communication son of the architect (Jimmy Keir) and Bibhu Mohanti were able to exchange their tales on the memorial. On 4th November 2012 they met for the first time at the Lascar War Memorial at a function organized by the Navy and INTACH. A good press coverage was given in the local newspapers of this meet on the initiative of Mr. G.M. Kapur of INTACH, Kolkata.

In centennial year of the World War I, Lascar War Memorial completed 90 years of its existence in Kolkata on 6th February 2014 which had been built to honour 896 Lascars who died at sea during 1914-18 (World War I). Lascar War Memorial is now an important heritage site of Kolkata as told by Rangan Datta in Wikipedia. It has become a venue of many meetings and functions organised by the Indian Navy in close co-operation with INTACH.

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